Solar cell water pump systems

Solar cell water pump systems are suitable to use in remote areas to gain access to water. The systems do not need power transmission cables or generators. Ideal for agriculture and consumption and even help reducing the cost compared to traditional water pump systems. We can design based on your requirements and locations, the most popular system is Off-Grid; this is a separate system and doesn’t need to connect to any electricity at all. You may choose to connect directly from the solar panel to the solar pump or use with a battery to store energy to use at night or when the weather is overcast.

Accepting production and receiving according to the customer’s order, can be adjusted to suit the needs and purpose of use. including according to the budget set by the customer

Solar system and water pump

Solar cell pumps are suitable for use in remote areas to have more convenient access to water sources. without the need for power transmission lines or a generator in any way

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