Shade net with eyelets and Dust Net

Produce and sell all 3 types of products

1. Shade net with eyelets

2. Dust net

3. Truck Tarpaulin

Slan stitching, slan stitching on the edge with a special type of canvas. Design and installation and repair of old and damaged work, sewing nets, sewing nets for agricultural greenhouses, selling football field nets

Shade Cloth is a device for a large sheet of cloth to cover the place Sun protection and shade to the building or the desired part. It is a very beautiful and durable material.

Mesh sheet or tarpaulin is a device for a large sheet of cloth to cover the place and buildings that are in the process of construction to prevent dust from the job site This includes construction debris such as stones, bricks, and mortar that may splash, fall or fall out of the building which can cause damage.

Truck tarpaulin suitable for covering 6 wheeler, 10 wheeler, semi-trailer. all models, all brands In order to prevent goods or baggage from damage during transportation, they can be dustproof, sun-proof, rainproof, windproof or prevent items from falling on the way. And our canvas is durable and strong according to international standards.

Thin Model

Structure Polyester
Average weight (g/ m2) 620
Thick (mm) 0.52
Tensile Strength Warp (kg/cm2) Weft (kg/cm2) Avg 941 Avg 860
Water Resistance 100%
Temperature Resistance -10 °C / +70 °C
Color Grey, Black, Blue, Green
Eyelet Circle-Shaped Rust-free Metal
**Note: There may be an error of 20 units.
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