Drone or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

A drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), originally used as a weapon or military surveillance. However, with the features and cost, drones became more common to use with environmental businesses. Although we already have satellite imaging such as Landsat, Modis, Quickbird, the limitation of image resolution, required coverage could make it hard to obtain data from the satellite. However, the drones will allow users to determine the survey area, resolution of image and also the drone can transmit images to users in real time which is useful for monitoring disasters or illegal activities. Users can direct the drone to fly in dangerous areas where human are not able to access such as cliffs or flooded areas, etc.

We offer drones that are in a wide range of applications

1. Survey drones

2. Under water survey drones

3. Marine waste/ debris collecting drones

1. Survey drones

The drone survey will be equipped with a high-resolution imaging camera and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Photogrammetry.

2. Under water survey drones

A high-tech diving drone that has been proven in many applications. Due to its performance and diving capabilities, the drone can perform excellent duties under the water without a human occupant and doesn’t have physical limitations like humans and is cost effective.

3. Debris collection drones

The drone can automatically collect rubbish and debris on the water surface to prevent them to flow into the rivers or seas. It is safe and is not a threat to marine animals. Users can direct it with a remote control or point routes on GPS and the drone will swim and collect rubbish automatically.

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Size 156 x 108 x 45 cm Tare 50 kg approx Buoyancy 400 kg
PAYLOAD CAPACITY 160 liters (Internal basket)
SWIM TIME 6 – 8 hours per deployment (environment dependent)
TERRITORY Smart Cities and the built environment – waterfront property, canals, lakes, lagoons, bays, beaches.
EFFECTIVE RANGE 500m (manual) to 5km + (autonomous)
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT Ambient temperature from -5°C to +60°C with swells to 1.25 metres
PRODUCTIVITY Can clear half a ton (500 kg) of debris per day
USEFUL LIFE 15+ years expected minimum

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