“Produce high quality products, deliver on time, continuous improvement to impress our clients.”

More than 100 customers trust our products.

We work with both private and government sectors and we have more than 100 high-profile clients who trust us with their projects including Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, SCG, Tipco Asphalt, Italian-enai, Suvarnabhumi Airport, The Royal Thai Naval Dockyard, Pak Mun Dam, Central Plaza Ladprao, Don Mueang AirportBsngpskong Powerplant, North Bangkok Power Plant (EGAT), Ministry of Public Health, Office of Marine and Coastal Resources No.4, Khao Sok National Park, Department of National Park Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Kasetsart University, Seacrest Marine, Eastern Krabi, Wang Noi Power Plant, The Peninsula Bangkok, Bangchak Oil Refinery and manufacture for PTT through an intermediary company.

Our Company has ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.


Our company was established under the name “GA2007 company limited” in 2007 starting from a well-known decoration center selling construction materials in Pathumthani. Until 2010, we continued to expand the business line to other cities.

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Selling high quality products

It is our belief that good products must be durable and eco-friendly. Therefore, we chose to manufacture high quality products that are not harmful to environment or marine animals.

Design and installation

We have professional teams with over 15 years of experience working across Thailand for design and installation therefore ensure that the design and installation will exceed customer expectations.

Marine and air survey services

We provide a wide range of surveys including marine and air survey services. We focus on the environment as the principle of data access surveys and physical observations. We dedicate both our physical effort and budget each year to study about the effects on marine debris to the environment and we hope that we will play a part in helping people to realize the importance of the environment. We also do other survey services too.

Consultancy and training services

We believe that providing knowledge, ideas and advice will help people in the community to have a better understanding of the importance of the environment and help them cherish and conserve it to pass it on to the next generation.


We use eco-friendly materials to create our products and we choose reusable materials to be able to reuse in the future for its maximum benefits.

Oil Boom and Litter Boom

These products are designed to help with spill containment and to limit the leakage of water pollution without leaking to sites, communities or houses.

HDPE Buoys

We manufacture and import high quality HDPE Buoys based on your needs. We can advise based on your sites, usage etc.

Floating booms

We use high standard HDPE that are UV-resistant and durable with more than 10 years of lifetime. Able to support 350 kilograms per square meter with anti-slip surface and easy to clean.

Shade net with eyelets and Dust Net

We manufacture shade nets with eyelets, dust nets, UV nets and truck cover canvas, customize the size based on your needs and requirements.

Fabric welding machine

This machine can weld PVC, PU, Tarpaulin and other types of canvas. It comes in a good size and is easy to move around with lockable wheels with a laser guide for welding accuracy and is very simple to operate.

Solar water pump system

We manufacture and distribute solar cell panels and stand-alone water pumps for resorts, dams and off-grid areas without electricity access.


We sell a wide ranges of drones including but not limited to:- Aerial survey drones, Underwater survey drones and marine debris garbage drones.

Robot Mechanical Arm

We import industrial robotic arms for production lines and all kind of businesses.

Medical equipment

We produce and design medical equipment according to your requirements such as negative pressure stretchers and disinfection dispenser booths.

Electric Fence

We manufacture and distribute electric fences that are used in various applications. such as industrial factories, housing estates or used for surrounding livestock farming

Hardware and other products

Manufacture and import equipment or products according to customer requirements with high standard materials that meet international standards accredited and providing advice on usage.

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